Gladstone, OR: The other New York City

by metroknow on December 20, 2009

Title: Gladstone, OR – the other NYC

Every once in a while an oddity arises, or is, well, erected, that begs to be photographed. In this case, it is a replica of a ubiquitous American icon that you might recognize. The replica is about 40 feet high and stands on a pedestal in a parking lot in Gladstone, Oregon. The story goes that the man who had it built is from Iran (if I remember correctly), and after creating a very successful business here he decided to show his admiration for this country by constructing a statue in it’s honor. A famous, statue.

Composition-wise, this shot really was pretty easy pickings. It’s a little kitchy I’ll admit, but how can you not take this shot when you happen to be in the parking lot? The drama of the blue background is a combination of a common cloudy day here, and late afternoon (right around sundown). I used Best Camera to enhance the blue hues in the background, and used the high contrast filter as well. I also used the vignette filter twice to really punch up the light behind the head.

Here are a few other shots that I also took of the same subject:

liberty-grain liberty-tall

I actually debated whether or not the first of these two was better (where the statue is smaller), but ultimately I felt it was too grainy for what I wanted. The second shot might be interesting, but some of the detail was lost because of the perspective (notice that you can’t see the square pedestal at her feet, for example).

Finally, here’s the original:


You can see the contrast that a few filters will add – again, I realize it’s a little overly dramatic, but in the spirit of the subject I felt it was deserved.

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