Guilded cage

by metroknow on December 17, 2009

Title: Guilded cage
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This shot was taken in an antique shop earlier today. I was waiting for assistance, and couldn’t help but take a few photos of this very cool birdcage while I waited. The challenge in this photo was to a) get a decent shot in less than ideal light (pouring rain outside and “dramatic” light inside), and b) shoot it quickly with very little composition forethought – primarily so that I didn’t stand out in the shop or raise eyebrows.

The light in the shop was a warm color, which created a decent amount of golden hue on the cage itself – and you can see that the reflection in the windows behind the main subject is darker, creating a reasonable contrast.

The photo is obviously pretty saturated (my personal preference is to oversaturate a bit – probably a phase I’ll grow out of ;) ), and I’m using TiltShiftGen to simulate depth of field.

I actually took several shots while I waited of the same subject, but this one I felt turned out the best.

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